Park Lane Academy

Enrichment Overview


Our Intent is to empower students with the right skills and personal qualities to be successful learners 

The Wider Curriculum is the part of our ‘Whole Curriculum’ which includes all of the additional activities, events and visits that we encourage students to take part in outside of lessons, as well as Personal Development related learning about staying safe, healthy and preparing for life in modern Britain.  All of these opportunities and wider knowledge supports our students’ Personal Development as young people of character. 

The wider curriculum develops our six character traits : Pride, Respect, Ambition, Honesty, Confidence & Resilience​


XCEP (eXtra Curricular Enrichment Programme)​

Expedition‘Embrace the outdoor challenge’: To promote the benefits to students of taking part in outdoor activities, offer appropriate school led activities and signpost other expedition based opportunities (for example, Duke of Edinburgh Award)

Communication and Enquiry‘Ask questions, speak, listen and read with confidence’: To develop students’ speaking, listening and reading skills, raising the importance of and embedding the use of oracy skills in and outside of the classroom (for example public speaking and creative competitions in Year 9)

XTRA: ‘get involved and broaden your horizons’: To promote the benefits of students taking part in competitive and non-competitive extra-curricular activities including educational trips and visits. We encourage all students to get involved in our XTRA programme and have a very wide range of activities available. These include

  • Excursions to Berlin and Paris which link to History and Language departments
  • A wide range of sporting clubs including badminton, rugby, football and hockey
  • Performing Arts including our work with The Northern Arts Factory - we are currently producing a series of videos based on The Grinch. We also offer free guitar lessons each week. 
  • Visual Arts including art & photography workshops
  • Other Clubs include Chess & Board Games

Leadership and Service‘be a role model and empower others’: To encourage students to take on roles of responsibility in school in and outside the classroom, to be examples and ambassadors of Ambition, Honesty and Respect by putting others’ needs  first.(for example, community volunteering, School Council, and Student Leadership)