Drama KS3 Curriculum

Skills Taught

Drama is a valuable subject within the curriculum in that the skills developed in this class can be transferred and used in other subject areas. For example, students may apply their speaking and presenting skills to deliver a PowerPoint presentation with an awareness of tone of voice and pitch. In addition to this they will include their audience and learn how to establish a rapport and engage them effectively.

They will learn about empathy by putting themselves in to other people’s shoes and imagine what it is like to experience someone else’s woes, happiness, despair, misfortune.  This will open up their mind to other possibilities and help them communicate with others in a variety of ways.

Students will develop their interpersonal skills including: communication, teamwork, evaluating, problem solving, working autonomously as well as building their confidence and self-esteem.

Students will learn about a range of drama techniques, mediums and elements and how to apply them in their work.

GCSE DRAMA KS4 Curriculum

Exam Board: OCR